A few first thoughts.

This blog is going to be mostly about my experiences, those who inspire me, and the chance to share my passions about sugar. From time to time I’d like to take the moment to showcase other amazing sugar artist’s work, but for my first post, I’m going to take the opportunity to share with you an incredible photographer.

Amandalynn Jones is my super woman. A hero, and close friend. I met her on-line when we were both pregnant and due in March of 2005. It just happened to be that we lived fairly close to each other. We shared the joys and growing pains of pregnancy, and raising toddlers, and now have little men that steal our hearts and are too smart their our own good. We both started out our business endeavors at the same time. Mandi picked up a camera the same time I picked up an icing spatula. Neither of us knowing what we were getting ourselves into. The past 3 years have gone by so quickly, but have been exciting none the less. The amazing part of our relationship, is that not only do we have the special motherhood bond, but that artistic bond as well. We feed off of each other (no pun intended.) There’s just something magical and raw that happens when you get two creative minds together. Mandi seriously spoils me. She’s been there to capture my children’s innocence and mischievous little smiles. She’s done amazing photos of cakes for me over the years, most of which grace my website. Not only does she do all that for me, she’s a web designer, graphic artist, great teacher, and mom extraordinaire. Her son Dmitri is a bright star, and I think my youngest fan. He’s a genius wrapped up into a 5 year-old little ball of energy. Where Mandi finds the time and patience to be the gracious, amazing, and strong woman that she is, I’ll never know. Together we have some exciting plans in store, which I cannot wait for. Don’t just take my words for it, check out Mandi for yourself. I promise you’ll love her as much as I do!

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  1. Amandalynn says:

    Amazing. Amazing. I love it. I love you.
    You made ME cry. I’m so glad to have a friendship with someone like you who is so grateful, supportive, inspiring, and sincere.

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