Art Jamboree

This past Thursday I had the great opportunity to display a cake piece at Art Jamboree for Art Milwaukee.  Art Jamboree events are held the first Thursday of every month.  It’s held at a different venue with a different theme each time.  The idea is to get people to explore art as understand that it’s not  just limited to canvas.  With the events being at different venues, it gives everyone the chance to see all the places Milwaukee has to offer.  This month’s theme was “Love and Desire.”  I decided to do an Adam and Eve based wedding cake.  The venue was Blu at The Pfister Hotel.  Those familiar with the historic hotel, can relate that my cake looks as if though I took the decrotations right off the walls and formed them into a wedding cake.

My true inspiration for this cake however, came to me from Ron Ben-Israel.  He is a master in his own right, and someone that I hold in the highest respect in the industry.  His creations are dripping with regal, elegance, and perfection.  I would love to take a class in flower making from him if I can ever get to New York someday.  He’s also a very nice man.  Generous, helpful, and extraordinary.  I’ve replicate his cakes before, yet I tried to push myself out of a comfort zone.  I wanted to do a style that I haven’t really done before.  I sat at my dinning room table researching art, cakes, and Ron for hours.  Staring at the ceiling it hit me.  “I want that!” I exclaimed.  My husband completely dumb founded…”Want what?”  “The medallion on the ceiling.  That’s the feel of my cake that I want to replicate.”   A fixed over my head was what I was searching for.

How do I represent that in cake and make it sensual, yet beautiful?  I chose a deep red color.  It’s such a passionate color, sinful, and luscious.  I wanted to show the snake on the goblet, rich bold, subtle and slightly sinister.  The apple as the fruit, and flowers highly symbolic of Adam and Eve.  A tiny splash of white marking purity, but playing on the  of the  nature of the flowers and how they can represent man and woman respectively.  I’m madly in love with the cake and how it turned out.  It’s different from my usual whimsical style.    The event was wonderful, and I love being around other artists in every form.  I can’t wait to see what more Art Milwaukee has to offer. 

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