Wedding Cake Season

This summer has been just  flying by.  I’ve been so busy with more cake than I know what to do with, especially with the increase of Friday and Sunday weddings.  I have been really thinking lately that I wanted to spotlight a few of my favorite vendors from this area.

I always love doing a wedding that is at ANY of the Bartolotta locations.  Each location has it’s own feel and specialty, but I cannot say enough good things about the way they are run.  First off, their kitchens are spotless.  Delivering cakes to many venues throughout the area, you get to see a lot of in’s and out’s and behind the scenes. I am always completely blown away by the level of meticulousness of the Bartolotta restaurant group.  There is a standard of excellence, and it shows through and through.  I would have to say that The Grain Exchange is one of personal favorites from that group. I’ve done several cakes there, as well as attended a few weddings there.  It’s always a regal expirience and the ornate beauty of the building is one I find unmatched.

I’ve also had the great pleasure of working with David Caruso of Dynamic Events.  I have to say that I just cannot get enough of the details that they pour into their work.  Every event is precisely planned out, absolute perfection, and astounding beauty.  Milwaukee Brides, if you have the chance to work with Dynamic Events, it’s a MUST!  Check out these details of a children’s table:

Just amazing, thoughtful, and delightfully clever!

A few of my other favorites are:

From Scratch Catering

Flowers by Gregory and Company

Ms. Julia’s Bake Shop

Amandalynn Jones Photography


Please take a moment to visit each of these sites.  I’m sure you’ll fall in love with all the hard work and dedication that I have with each of these companies.  It’s just a small part of my ever growing list.  It will for sure be continued!  Okay, back to cake….


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